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About Simply Nurture...

Having worked as a Qualified Nurse in the NHS since 1996 I have spent the last few years as a Staff Nurse within a Health Visiting team working with families from birth to 5 years old. My role is to support them with the first few weeks of their new baby and all the worries and joy that it brings right the way through developmental milestones, weaning, behaviour, toilet training and speech and language.

As a mum of two daughters I remembered how much I had enjoyed doing baby massage classes with them when they were young and having watched Children's Centres slowly get less and less funding I decided to train as a Qualified Infant Massage Teacher with Touch-learn International, a well respected and accredited training company.

This re-ignited my passion for learning and I went on to train in the Solihull Approach to parenting as well as becoming a Five to Thrive champion for Northamptonshire, both of which I use within my classes. I always get a real thrill from watching parents learn more about their babies brain development or how to view behavioural concerns from a child's perspective.

As the time passed in my Health Visiting role it became more apparent that one of the key areas for parents is often sleep - or lack of!! It has such an enormous impact both on the child and the family as a whole that it became a key area of interest to me and in 2015 I trained with The Children's Sleep Charity and Sheffield Children's Hospital to become a Qualified Sleep Practitioner. I have now been helping families with their sleep concerns with children from tots to teens and have had very positive feedback on the amazing effect it has had on their lives including parents ability to function and think clearly to the improved overall behaviour of children.

Most recently I have qualified as a Baby Yoga teacher with Touch-Learn international and a Qualified Parent and Toddler Yoga Teacher with Yogakidz. Once parents had completed the baby massage course they then wanted to carry on and do further courses. Yoga is something I enjoy myself and felt that this was a natural progression for Simply Nurture.

I have a firm belief that all the courses I run must benefit baby, toddler and parent. However, all require different approaches and have individual benefits, therefore each course is run seperately to ensure that the focus of the course is not disrupted and full benefit is felt by both the parent and the baby/toddler.

My philosophy as both a Qualified Professional and a mum is that getting it right in the beginning leads to a happy family. Attachment, attunement and empathy are key to having a happy family and I hope that Simply Nurture reflects and helps this process for families. 


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