Sleep Support

Sleep Support

Sleep is a fundamental need for both adults and children - sleep deprivation contiunes to be used as a form of torture around the world.

Good quality sleep can improve an adults ability to function, to control emotion and general ability to cope with their day. This is also true of children!!

Poor quality sleep has an enormous impact on a child's behaviour, appetite, learning ability, immunity and growth. It also puts a strain on relationships between partners and siblings.

During the early stages of development sleep is the primary activity of the brain but our circadian rhythm (our body clock) takes several months to develop and young babies having no sleep pattern day or night is perfectly normal - despite what others may try to tell you!!!

Since training with Sheffield Children's hospital and The Children's Sleep Charity I have helped families transform their lives and relationships just by getting good quality sleep in a sensitive a respectful way giving families support throughout the change. As of October 2016 I am now also a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.   

With the knowledge I have regarding baby brain development and being a Five to Thrive Champion in Northamptonshire I do not use cry- it- out methods of sleep training as I do not believe they have the responsive and reassuring quality that a child needs in order to have a good attachment and bond.

Each sleep worry is different and there is no one size fits all approach for any age of child or family.

I support families with sleep worries from tots to teenagers and offer several different packages and workshops throughout Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

Typical packages....

Sleep Information

A 45 minute appointment designed to inform you about sleep and what influences it or disrupts it.

This is designed to teach parents and carers about sleep to enable them to make changes that they want to make independantly. There is no advice offered regarding the current situation.

You will be given leaflets to help you look at routines and guide you through how to handle night wakings and settling difficulties.

A follow up email from myself. 

This package currently costs £45

Sleep Guidance

A 90 minute consultation - this package includes a series of questions regarding what is happening currently and the concerns that you have.

A full explanation of how sleep happens and what might be interferring with the quality of sleep. 

Leaflets to support any changes you might like to make.

A follow up email from myself.

This package does not include a bespoke plan or invitation to the peer support group. 

This package currently costs £65

Sleep Plan Package 

A 2 hour consultation - including what is happening currently, what might be influencing it, a full explanation of how sleep happens, props that aid or hinder sleep.

An individual sleep plan - specific to your needs based upon what we have discussed with sleep support leaflets to refer to.

An inivitation to a closed peer support group on Facebook.

Follow up support from myself via email or message whilst you implement the changes.

This package currently costs £105

These packages are available as clinic appointments in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

They are also available as home visits but this will incur a mileage charge of 40p per mile.

Other packages are available - please ask for details.


Parent feedback...

It has taken me ages to think what to write because no praise seems like enough. I knew Clare from baby massage classes and decided to contact her after 3 months of sleepless nights from our now 12 month old boy. We thought we had tried everything but figured it would be worth a shot.

Best decision we ever made!

(extract - full review on Facebook)

April 2016.

I don't really know where to start in thanking Clare for her help. I don't know how we got into a world of sleep deprivation but I do know we didn't know how to get out.

Clare reassured us, didn't make us feel as though it was our fault and was there with us encouraging and moving us forward.

We all sleep better and have a muchbetter family life it is amazing to see how far we have come and we didn't have to leave her to cry.

Thank you Clare.

February 2016.

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