Baby and Toddler Signing

Baby and Toddler Sign and Sing 

Baby Signing has been around for about 30-40 years, and has become increasingly popular in the past 10 years.

Baby Signing is a wonderful way to communicate with your baby. It bridges the communication gap, helping babies to show their parents what they want, what they are thinking, or how they are feeling, before they can talk.

Benefits of Baby and Toddler Signing:

Empowers baby to communicate early

Boosts self-esteem

Reduces frustrations

Compliments language and speech development

Encourages bonding and interaction

Can help parent understand what baby wants/needs

Parents can learn new rhymes and songs

Teaches the parents a skill too.

Top tips for signing with babies

Always say the word with the sign

Keep it simple, one or two signs per sentence

Repetition is key, use often

Be patient, a baby will develop at their own pace

Keep it fun, use songs, rhymes, toys etc

Encourage their signs, it takes practise for tiny hands.

Course content

Simply Nurture sign and sing classes are currently divided into two age groups:

4 months - crawling

crawling - 14 months

The course is an 8 week rolling programme broken down into 4 week courses and you can attend as many times as you would like to.

The course includes nursery rhymes and animal signs as well as focusing on a specific topic each week.

Week one - eating and drinking

Week two - getting clean

Week three - getting dressed

Week four - going to bed

Week five - transport

Week six - feeling poorly

Week seven - weather

Week eight - family 

There will be lots of singing and fun at every session with cards on a handy keyring to take home to remind you of the signs for that week and also the usual time for a chat and refreshments at the end.


Each 4 week block costs £28 currently and is an hour long. Repeating the course is £25

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